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Biography Guy

My name is Zhenya but most people know me as Guy. I was born in Kiev and lived in 6 different countries before eventually settling down in Amsterdam where I opened up my own clinic: Fysio Huis, and founded the Care for Kids Now Foundation.

Upon finishing my Bachelor’s degree in Physical Therapy in 2009, I began work in Amsterdam as a freelance physio at two different clinics in Amsterdam South. As I had always intended to become a manual therapist, after a few years working abroad I decided to return to the Netherlands in 2012 to complete my Masters degree in Manual Therapy at the SOMT. I graduated in 2015 with more knowledge and even more passion for my profession!

2016 was the birth year of Fysio Huis, a clinic unlike anything you’ve probably seen before – at least that’s what people often tell me when visiting for the first time. My clinic has a cozy lounge area, a seasoned DJ (myself) who loves to play a mixture of country/classical/1920’s-60’s blues/jazz/pop music, while the sweetest, most gorgeous dog in the world welcomes you at the door (unless preoccupied with his beauty sleep). Along with treatment rooms, the clinic also contains a gym with a Powerlifting set-up where you can find the highest quality Eleiko, Rogue,  and Kabuki strength equipment, Exxentrics flywheel systems and much more.

My academic training combined with my personal experience as an athlete and a world-traveller have helped shape my philosophy towards healing and the methods I use to help others. I consider traditional clinical approaches to physiotherapy to be as important as the psychosomatic dimension for healing our bodies. Our physical body responds not only to the tangible world around us but also to our mental state and to memories and experiences in our conscience and subconsious mind.

My understanding of how those different elements of our wellbeing work together provides me with a unique approach to physiotherapy and recovery.

With every injury I had myself, every course/article/book I read, and every patient I see, I receive another drop in my bucket of knowledge and I am glad to be able to share those lessons and experiences with you. I also seek to ensure that you are receiving the best possible treatment for your unique experience and treatment goals, which is why I may sometimes refer you to a colleague if I feel that they may be the optimal fit for you. Rest assured that I will always have your health and recovery as my top priority and the questionnaire that I ask you to fill out prior to your first appointment helps me get a better idea of the kind of therapy and therapist that would best apply to you.

Biography Kafka

My name is Kafka and I was born on the second of October 2016. I might look very tough but I am actually the sweetest oversized lap dog you’ll ever meet. My favorite way of spending my time is being hugged, sleeping while being hugged, and lying around.

Some say that I am an integral part of Fysio Huis because I bring a sense of calm and peace with me. When someone is in pain I always approach them to provide moral support (and also to be patted…).

Parents often bring their children with them to their appointments so that they can play with me. I invite you to do this too, as I am great with kids and adults alike. Even though I weigh 35kg I can still (kind of) fit in your lap, which I would love to do, if allowed. My behavior is outstanding thanks to a combination of Soviet and Dutch upbringing. You can be sure to meet an extremely well-behaved four-legged friend.

P.S. If you bring treats for me please ask Guy first as he keeps me on a strict Spartanic diet. That’s great for my health but, come on…. Give the dog a bone, I say.

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