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My goal with training clients is a combination of what they want, and also what they might not know they need. Many physical ailments can be treated, and most importantly prevented with proper physical education. Strength training helped me a lot to overcome all kinds of difficulties in my life, so my enthusiasm for training people is a mixture of personal experience and understanding how important strength is for a bunch of medical reasons.

Safety comes first, so getting the technique as correct as possible will be the main goal at the beginning, and will stay one of the main things I focus on for as long as we’re gonna train together.

I always try to fit a good training method (there are many) to my clients needs, depending on the background, time you wish to invest in training on a daily/weekly basis, nutrition, rest/recovery, and general goals. Also I love using bands and chains for strength and speed development, different types of specialty bars, tools, and less common exercises.

Personal Best: Squat 200kg

Personal Best: Deadlift 250kg

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